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Polina Mytko

Polina is most proud of having graduated from college and working in the profession, as well as her dancing career. She was born in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, where she learned her first dance steps, and since 2012 she has been living in Croatia, where she continued her successful dance and choreography career. She makes costumes and props for her dance performances herself, and is a member of a dance group that follows one of the world’s biggest music festivals from Split to China and the USA.

She believes that the reckless behavior of people towards nature and the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources is one of the biggest problems today, and that in order to preserve the planet, everyone should do their best, be environmentally aware, buy according to their needs, recycle and give away things that we no longer need, stop with the fast fashion philosophy and prefer to buy from local artisans who will make better quality clothes that will last longer.

As Miss Universe Croatia, she will advocate for the promotion of the natural beauty and historical-cultural heritage of Dalmatia through the creation of short videos and pictures based on the stories and legends of this region.