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Petra Marić

Petra is particularly proud of her dedication and perseverance when it comes to education. During college, she invests a large part of her free time in additional education and seminars, so that already now, in her 3rd year of college, she has obtained three certificates related to her profession: nutritionist, fitness instructor and Nordic walking leader. She considers education extremely important because “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

In her spare time, she likes to ride a bicycle and do strength exercises and Pilates at home, and since she graduated from art high school, she also likes to draw portraits and paint with acrylics.

She believes that among the biggest problems in the world is non-acceptance of diversity, lack of tolerance, which is partly a consequence of the development of media and social networks that have led to a society of discrimination.

Petra also participated in various humanitarian actions, such as Du Motion, the Red Cross, at the international swimming festival for people with disabilities, volunteers at the Common Path Foundation in Zagreb as a leader of Nordic walking.

As Miss Universe Croatia, she would advocate for improving awareness and care for physical and mental health and for the development and improvement of sports and recreational activities in order to improve health and improve the quality of life, because she believes that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the shortest description of happiness.