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Mihaela Posavec

Mihaela is very proud of herself for being able to achieve excellent results at university in addition to work, and for having learned to allocate her time according to priorities. Along with studies and work, she manages to acquire work habits and in this way move towards her goals. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies based on true stories, go for walks and hang out with her friends, and go to the training sessions and matches of her younger brother, whom she tries to be a big supporter of. She believes that technological progress, in addition to positive effects, also caused many negative consequences for society in the form of alienation, superficiality and excessive individuality, which ultimately resulted in the development of other problems in the world.

With regard to the chosen study of sociology, as Miss Universe Croatia, she would advocate for equal opportunities and education for children and young people. She regularly donates and helps associations and people with disabilities, and soon intends to register with the volunteer association “Gledati srcem”.