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Matea Svjetličić

Matea is very proud that she is studying at the university of her choice, that she is able to work while studying, and that with her work and actions she can influence the future of children and their upbringing. For two years, she was declared the best volleyball player in the town of Čazma, and she believes that all her achievements are the result of her parents’ good upbringing, her persistence, desire and work.

She spends most of her free time with her family, which means a lot to her, and with her dear friends. She likes to walk her adopted dog in nature, play sports, especially volleyball, which she has been playing for many years, exercise in the gym and play the keyboard and sing children’s songs, which she likes to perform in front of children in kindergarten.

Although the world is faced with various problems such as war, diseases, poverty, climate change, abuses, she believes that all these problems are solvable; one just needs to reach people, make them aware and encourage them to do a good thing.

As Miss Universe Croatia, she would advocate for abandoned animals and their adoption, because she believes that animals have feelings and needs just like us humans, and they should be helped, taken care of and given love. She would also advocate for the preservation of nature, the resources of which we use too much but take care of and invest in it too little.