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Klara Pelemiš

Klara is especially proud of her international experience: she was an exchange student in the USA in high school, she studied in France for two years, and her family hosts exchange students from Mexico, Finland, the USA and Canada. She herself visited more than 40 countries, which gave her an insight into new cultures and their customs and broadened her horizons. She trained swimming for ten years, was runner-up in the junior category in speed skating, which she practiced for three years, she practiced climbing, and in the USA she tried her hand at cheerleading and pole vaulting. She is currently involved in boxing and mountaineering, in 2022 she climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (5891 m) and in the next two years she intends to try to conquer the highest peak in South America, Anconcagua (6962 m) in Argentina. With friends from the Rotaract/Rotary community, she launched the project “From Zero to Hero” with the aim of raising awareness of the philosophy of “zero waste” and reducing waste in everyday life.

As someone who struggled with acne throughout her adolescence, which had a significant impact on her self-confidence and negative self-image, as Miss Universe Croatia, she would like to bring this problem closer to young people and send a message that each of us has something special in us and tat above all we need to learn to love yourself, work on yourself and be a positive example and motivation for others to never give up ad to believe in themselves.