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Ema Helena Vičar

At the age of 14, Ema Helena started recording videos on social networks for her peers. Although she faced some negative comments, she was persistent and tried to be even better, so even today girls approach her and thank her for helping them and positively influencing their self-confidence. She likes to spend her free time with her friends, walking her pet Bibi, traveling, learning about new cultures and cooking. She has been dancing and gymnastics for eight years, goes to the gym regularly and takes care of her health and appearance, and in addition to her studies, she is also engaged in event management.

She believes that the biggest problem in the world is that the value of human life depends on where in the world someone was born, whether or not they have well-to-do parents, what religion or skin color someone is, what gender or age. Too many children’s lives have been lost due to wars, refugees, or natural disasters, and she considers the education of young people one of the solutions for breaking prejudices, respect for diversity and hope for a fairer world.

As Miss Universe Croatia, she wants to advocate for increasing awareness in society about the mental health of young people, especially young girls who, under the influence of the media, have a wrong self-image and self-confidence problems. She also wants to advocate for breaking prejudices against women: women can be beautiful and at the same time smart, ambitious, enterprising and successful. A woman should not be defined by career, motherhood or appearance.